It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It finally feels like Christmas. Last night I went to a Holiday Boat Parade in Dana Point. People got super fancy and decked their boats out. I even got to listen to Christmas music and drink hot tea. So that totally makes it Christmas time in my book.

Don't all ex-skateboarders pick up endurance sports?

I am pretty sure only teen girls paint their toe nails like I do or maybe I paint their toes like they do. When I was younger I was a tomboy to the max so I didn't even own nail polish. Actually I didn't really start buying it until last year. So I am in my teenybopper hooked on painting my nails phase.

So when I am not swimming I run... biking is really last. (Hopefully that will change once I get my new bike.) Hayley talked me into running in the rain last week at the Dana Point Harbor. To be honest it wasn't even really raining. It was "Orange County raining" which means sprinkling.

 I bought new kicks. I usually run in Nike Free's but I want to keep rotating shoes since that's better for your feet. Hoping these workout. I haven't had a chance to run in them yet. They look pretty good though.

Leaving you with one final thing:


  1. The boat parade is freaking cool!!! I never seen one of those

    Gotta love new shoes!!

  2. Yeah the boat parade was cool. Next year I would like to be on one. Everyone was dancing and having a grand time.

  3. Gotta keep it kinda wacky Jason haha