An Arizona Christmas

So I went to Arizona last weekend to see my sister and her family. Lot's of Christmas stuff happened like music concerts, looking at Christmas lights, making gingerbread houses and opening presents. I got to spend some quality time with my niece and nephew which really is one of the best parts. My nephew and I are Lego building masters.

Brought this bad boy to AZ with me to get a ride in (training never really stops). It was nice to ride a different terrain. It's so much easier to ride in AZ than where I live in CA. It was totally flat there so I really got moving. Also hopefully that was one of my last "serious" rides on that bike. I made a serious upgrade and commitment and bought a new bike. Photos to come when it arrives.

Oddly I often didn't wear a helmet when I skateboarded... now I always ride one when I bike. 
Safety First.

See I told you, it's flat for miles and miles.

It's nice to bike and not see every single spot of land developed.

My sister has been asking me to paint her a picture for oh you know maybe like 5 years. It was a Joshua Tree request. So this year for Christmas I finally did it. I am going to try to paint some more before the triathlon training picks up again.

  Back in California enjoying my lunch break at the beach.

Not a bad place for a photo shoot right?

Christmas is creeping up fast. Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season.
I am headed to a few holiday parties this weekend. Anyone got an ugly sweater they are going to be rockin'?


  1. I lived in Arizona for many, many years, I also love they have bike lanes almost everywhere to ride!! It is nice

    Hope you enjoy your holidays

    1. Yes those bike lanes are fantastic. I wish we had them in California. People there seemed like they knew how to drive around bikers and here they don't really. Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. Great job on the painting!