Just another Turkey Trot

Like every other runner, I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Just a nice little 5k to start my day off right. I've run the Turkey Trot in Dana Point CA a few times before so I knew the course. I didn't really run as well as I had hoped. Not exactly sure what happened but not too bummed about it. (I mean it's not like it was a triathlon or anything.) I had a blast running with a bunch of friends.

 I love races that give you a medal for just finishing. Haha makes me feel special even when I have an off day. 

Our game faces. (As you can see we are no threat to the serous competition)
This came in the mail.... Freaken stoked. Ready for the next season for sureeeeee
Today I decided to run some stairs and did fartlek training. After I felt like Andy in the picture above. So I showered and took a nap on the couch. Good thing tomorrow is a rest day. I need it.


  1. That bottom picture is literally me!! :) Good fitness!!

  2. Jason did you run the Dana Point Turkey Trot? It appears as though you live in Orange County.

  3. No I didn't sorry. I live in Ventura County, and although I did not run the Dana Point Turkey Trot (which sounds extremely fun), I ran the Arroyo Verde Turkey Trot in Ventura.

  4. Ah I see. I figured you were somewhere in the Southern California area. I am sure you ran like 8 minutes faster than me haha.

  5. Did you do any sports when you were in Highschool? Because you look like someone who did track or cross-country.

    1. You are so kind but I don't have that super lean runners body. I was a soccer player in high school but I loved to run I just wasn't ever very fast. I seem to do ok in triathlons though so that's good. Finally found my new sport!

  6. Yeah same here, I love to run and I hope to try a triathlon someday (I just really have to work on my swimming).