Hoffa's Disease / Fat Pad Impingement

I am kinda sorta back from my blogging hiatus. I've been going to doctors nonstop.

Here is my doctors list:
3 Physical Therapists
1 ART Specialist
1 General Doctor
3 Orthopedists

Pretty awesome right? After all those doctors appointments and a lot of misdiagnosis I have finally been told what is going on with my knees. I have Hoffa's disease aka impingement of infrapatellar fat pad . That sounds like I have some end of the world illness. Not true. It's definately no cup of tea and I don't wish this upon anyone. It's actually pretty rare and not many studies are online (I'm such a champ at being injured that I get the "disease" nobody else seems to have). I am actually hoping that by writing on this blog post I may be able to get in contact with someone that has it or even better would be if they HAD it. I am trying to put the pain filled days behind me so if anyone has had this injury feel free to chime in at any point. I'd love to hear how you are dealing with it or have gotten over it.

Thanks for reading all.

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