Blindly signed up for a trail run...

Started off the weekend running. I am doing a 5 mile trail race February so I've been slowly increasing my speed and weekly mileage. My goal is to just not get lost on the trail. Also I have never run a trail race before so just finishing is a goal. I am going to try and run the course next weekend. Any advice on how to approach a trail race?

Note to self: run these more often.

It's a toss up between running and swimming. I just can't decide what I like more. I went to another yoga class last night. It was a heated core yoga class level 2. I somehow missed the "level 2" part when I signed up for the class. My yoga skills put me at level -1. But I will say I felt like my muscles were completely relaxed and I was completely jazzed when I left. My goal is to go to yoga at least once a week but ideally I want to go twice. I just stay in the back of the room and follow everyone's lead. It honestly blows my mind how flexible some people are.
My friend Pat came to town. (He hates this picture.) I love it.

Lovely way to end the weekend.


  1. Those are the best types of races, just sign up and dont have a clue what to expect

  2. Haha well I guess that's what is going to happen. I'm pretty excited.

  3. I absolutely love trail running! Possibly the only reason I joined Cross-Country. I wish you happy training! And you will probably not have any trouble getting lost, just follow the person in front of you and there is hopefully markers on the course that you could follow.

    1. If I wasn't so focused on soccer in high shool I probably would have done cross country and track. Perhaps in another life haha

  4. whether it is water or land, it is the mind that moves. ah! more stairs, more, more

    Greetings from Barcelona