Oh you run?

Amy is having a beautiful little baby this month and I am having a pumpkin. Win for both of us. Trust me.

Sometimes I like not having to ride a bike super fast in training mode.

Finally got some bike shoes. I am ready for a new bike now.

It's true.

It's been quite a long time since a blog post. I seem to always think that I am going to be better at posting then life happens and I get distracted. Also the triathlon season has been over so my workouts (other than strength training) have been kinda sporadic and unplanned. I am getting back into the swing of things now sorta. I am currently procrastinating going to the pool and swimming because it's cold out. Clarification it is Southern California cold which means it is 50 degrees. I know I am a wuss. The good thing is I have my two preseason races selected. This season I have my eyes set on Nationals so it's time to turn on "ass kicking mode".

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