The TRI life

Hello all my lovely followers. In the last 5 months or so my blog posts have been very spotty and when I do post it hasn't really been a solid worthy post. This is mostly due to the fact that my life has sorta taken a different path. Let me catch you up real fast. Up until age 20 I was nonstop moving. I ran, skateboarded, went to the gym and played soccer until my body could take no more. Which is exactly what happened. My body screamed "NO MORE!". I battled with hip problems and muscle strains for about 4 years and every time I thought I was getting strong I would be back injured. During that time I focused on my art. That's when I created this blog for all my doodle posts. Then I graduated college and got a job as a graphic designer for a kickass company. So here we are now. 

Thanks to a new coach I have become mentally and physically stronger, healthier and usually train two times a day. So basically all the time I spent before doodling in sketchbooks and painting has now shifted to training time. I run, bike, swim and lift weights. The thing I am most stoked about is I am officially a triathlete. So this blog is going to reflect my lifestyle change. In addition to my art there will be a lot of triathlon posts. I hope you enjoy and continue to follow my life adventures! Below are photos from my first triathlon.

 So here we go my first triathlon in Solana Beach, CA July 2012.
I am the one in the blue top with my foot sticking out. (Not sure what I was doing exactly...trying to stay calm I suppose.)

I grew up going to the beach. I am a San Clemente kid so ocean swimming doesn't worry me really. BUT swimming as fast as I can while getting kicked and elbowed is a whole different type of swim. Also as you can see I don't have a wetsuit yet... it's on my ever so long expensive triathlon to purchase list. It was a short swim so I didn't need one really. Although it might have saved some leg energy.

I came out of the water pretty strong. My mom said she was even impressed how quickly I swam for my first one. But I knew I had to pass some people in the bike and run.
 My bike was pretty good I passed a few people from my age division. Originally my dad told me "Alyssa to just finish is an accomplishment"... which is cute and all but let's face it I wanted to place well. Never mind the fact that 5 months before my body was totally falling apart and I couldn't run. I have high expectations for myself and set my goals even higher generally. In the run I managed to pass a few more athletes in my age group. I crossed the finish line in 1:09:28.

1/4 mile swim // 9 mile bike // 3 mile swim

Overall Place: 451/1039 (43%)
Gender Place: 92/378  (24%)
Division Place: 8/25  (33%)

Not bad for my first triathlon. Now that I have the first time jitters out of my system I am ready to tackle the next... in a couple weeks.

Finishing strong.
Finisher medal! Hecks yessssss


  1. HECK YES!!! Welcome to endurance sports girl!!! We've been waiting for you for awhile;)

  2. Congrats on finishing TRI #1. You looked like you are on a mission in those pics!

  3. What was the hip injury you experienced? I am having hip and hamstring problems for nearly a year.

  4. Hey K,

    Sorry to hear about your injury. That sounds terrible. And to be honest I remember that feeling. I went into a sort of depression and had trouble finding an outlet. For me the issue was chronic groin muscle strains and snapping hip syndrome. The snapping went away as I got stronger. (That part wasn't painful) What actually worked was a strength coach that works with high school and Olympic athletes. Personal therapy was too soft on me and the gym trainers were too uninformed. This guy revamped my nutrition and diet as well. Full package. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get better. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. I hope I can help.