This is what I was thinking as I saw people getting out of the water so fast in my first triathlon. I am in no way the best swimmer but I really enjoy it and I like to think I am decent at it. I am telling you some people are part fish. I am working on getting faster by incorporating more drills and sprints.  It's too early to tell if it's really working.

Yesterday was a good one. I did a mini triathlon practice andddddd got a flat tire right in the middle of the session. That's the first time that has happened to me. I am ok at changing a tire but when it come to doing it fast... NOPE I don't got that skill. Another thing to add to my to do list.

Not a bad place to swim. Never crowded in the early AM.
After the mini tri and then a tough weight training session I met some friends for some tide pool action (or lack thereof) at the Dana Point Harbor.

Today I am completely relaxing. I did some shopping this morning for new jeans thank goodness for sale prices. Now I am just researching for a trip I have planned to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. So If you have any recommendations in those areas let me know!

I'll finish up this post with one of my recent doodles. I believe I am pear shaped but I have yet to have someone use this pickup line on me.


  1. Hi! I always read your blog from google reader, and follow you on instagram...I never comment because sometimes I feel a little bit embarrased of my english hahaha, but I live in Madrid, so maybe I can help with that :D if you tell me what is your idea of what you want to visit (comic stores, clothes shops, nice places to see, drink sangria...) I can recomend you some places if you want :)

    1. Dont feel bad about your english. If it wasnt my firat language i would probably speak terribly. Maybe you could help me with my spanish.

      Oh my goodness yes! Please tell me any cool little spots. I am not really a foodie so you can skip that part. I love walking and thrifting and museums. If you want to email me some ideas that would be great! I would really appreciate it. Alyssaduhe@gmail.com.

  2. Hey Alyssa - I just noticed this post... When are you leaving for your trip to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona? Actually just when specifically will you be in Paris? Do you know where exactly you'll be staying? (Might be able to help with walking suggestions... Don't think I'll be able to help with thrifting, however depending on how long you'll be in Paris I can probably help with museum suggestions! (There is a special pass you can buy that will get you into an assortment of museums, and it usually will also help you skip lines at various locations, but mostly for the sights in Paris "proper" -- vs. the outlying areas you can travel to on the trains...Anyway the pass will save you money and offer a wider variety of locations to visit). I'll look into it in detail after I get your travel dates for France and use the email above to send stuff to you -- if that's alright?
    P.S. I think it will be neat to see how many museums you/your brain can manage to hold in a given day :) There are so many beautiful things in Paris alone, this trip sounds great!

  3. Hey Jennifer!

    I am leaving this Saturday. My parents actually booked all of our France trip so I don't know too much about it. I am a diehard museum goer so I don't think I will miss any of the big ones. We are renting a car and driving out of the city for 3 days so that should be nice. Most of my Italy trip was spent in museums and getting lost wandering all the streets.

    I just booked my hostels for Spain and I am in the process of figuring out how to buy a FC Barcelona soccer ticket and figure out the sights I don't want to miss. It's crazy! I left a lot until last minute that's for sure.

  4. Hi!! Just sent you a long/detailed and hopefully very helpful email to the address you have in the comments above. Feel free to email me at that address if you want. Sounds like it will be a great trip, hope you take a lot of photos!