Super-de-super sale! Basically I jut want to clean house so I can get some new stuff going.
If you buy more than one shirt or a shirt and a tote bag the shipping will be a flat $5.
To purchase I am going to use paypal or you can snail mail me money.

If you have questions about anything just leave a comment and I will answer speedy.
Please use alyssaduhe@gmail.com for paypal purchases and let me know what shirt and size you want.


  1. hey! So, say I was to order a shirt, I just email you at that address up there with the size I would like?

  2. Yeah! Make sure I get your address in the paypal as well. Then I will send it out ASAP.

  3. Thanks! I just sent some money to you for a shirt. I haven't ever really used my paypal though so lets hope I'm not completely clueless and managed to do it right. :)