So much good stuff.

I have had a lot fo little projects going on recently. Here are some of them that I have finally finished...

Finally got the first issue of Realize on ETSY.
It's super rad.
We are getting started on the next issue so if should be bigger, better and more copies will be distributed.

Look Ma I Made New Friends Zine
For Sale Here

Made some mugs for all the coffee I drink.
My friend Stephanie drew this on the front of a card for me. I thought it was so rad that I found a frame for it.

My next project may be sketching the combination of two animals. Just for kicks and giggles I suppose.

1) Chris Cole vs. Heath Kirchart
2) Rad Paintings by Ana Benaroya
3) Roll Forever


  1. Greetings from CApe Town,
    These are really great.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. i'm finally finishing up my second zine. trade again?

  3. i love the mugs you made. how did you do that?

    and the card you framed is so awesome. does she have an etsy?

    i really enjoy your blog!