First rain of the season.

So I am trying this new thing where I pretend I like the rain a lot. It's not working out so well and this is the first rain of the season. This overcastness has made it a tad bit difficult to make sun tea. On a sunny note I was asked to design the cover for Fall Commencement at Cal Poly. Pretty excited about that project.

Most of my classes were canceled today for one reason or another so I am working on an advertisement forms for Realize (skate zine) and scanning in sketches until I hit the point where I must actually get 'important' things done (deadline items).

Some oldish sketches I finally scanned


The Selby Favorite

I really want this book:
14,000 Things to Be Happy About

Also I think I am in need of a haircut. I feel like my hair is getting to the point of a 13 year old surfer boy from orange county. All in my face and whatnot.

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