Things not to do with an iPhone.

Things you probably shouldn't do with a cheap iphone cover:
This. One little thing and wabam I drop my phone and it shatters. 
Whatever Vince and I are cool and ride our bikes like rebels.
Don't ask about my life on the edge. It's too crazy (as I wear a helmet).

We saw a guy catch a sting ray and then be a badass and release it back into the ocean without getting stung. Freaken' champ. I would have gotten stung for sure. That's the nice thing about biking by the beach: the view. It's to die for. Plus let's face it I am a wimp when it comes to hills.

It's raining now but hopefully the rain stops so the sun can dry my bike path for this week.

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  1. Your braver than me, I would never try to use my phone while biking

    The catch and release guy is amazing!!