Escaping from the office

Today was the beloved rest day. So these photos are obviously from last weekend.  When the sun was out and I wasn't trapped behind a desk. I am slowly healing from my hamstring strain so that good. Now just battling endless aches and sore spots. I can deal with that though. Got a nice run in by the beach.

I love the weekends because I can end my runs on the beach. Running by the water makes for an excellent cool down.  My aunt and mom just got me this awesome Kentucky Wildcat shirt. My mom is from the lovely Bluegrass State so I proudly rock that wildcat blue.

Don't you hate it when people post sunset shots? Yeah me too...

Sorry I am not sorry.

I really dig where I live. Where else do you find a band playing on the ocean in March? Seriously.

My life is full of really rough choices. Which one do you think I picked up first? I so torn between spending money on triathlon stuff and everyday clothes.


  1. bummer on your hamstring strain, hope that it heals soon - generally seems like the only cure is rest, maybe a couple weeks will do the trick? The beach pics do look awesome.

    And about Kentucky, I'm a Stanford fan, and I still vividly remember mens basketball losing to Kentucky in the 1998 final 4 by 1 in OT - we almost had them lol.

    And about my race - yea I think that was an example that tapering works. How else do you explain what I did? So while it may feel like you are losing energy, you are getting your full energy stores for race day!

    1. Yeah I took a few days off completely then slowly started to build back under the supervision of my strength training coach. That was about 3 weeks ago so I am lucky to be in the build up now. Being as smart as possible since I have a race in April.

      Yeah the last 90s the KY bball team was killing it!

      The love/hate of the taper kills me every race. But I know it works so I force myself to do the long taper.

  2. I am jealous, I would run on the beach everyday if I lived their

    Hope the hammy heals up soon

  3. Hello! I did not know about your injury .. Sorry. I hope that you recover soon. A kiss.

    1. It wasn't a bad injury. In total it took about 3/4 weeks to get back to full speed. Now I am just trying to get stronger to make sure it doesn't happen again. Thank you!