Race: 5 miler

My old soccer coach is apparently now really into running. Probably because he has so much more energy built up from not having to chase 12 year olds around at soccer practice. I started hiking occasionally with his daughter and they invited me to join them on some of the local races they run. I love to run so I figured why not. This was race one of the three race series called the OC Chili Winter Trail Run Series. It was supposed to be a 5 mile trail run through the beautiful O'Neill Regional Park but because nature stepped in an decided to rain it became a 5 mile road run. Major bust considering I was really excited to run my first trail race.

The race was great! It was a small group of runner on a freezing morning. Despite the course not being on the trails they managed to make it extremely hilly. One mile in we hit a giant hill that I could see no end to and all I could think is "wait why did I sign up for this?" I was pleased with my first. Started and ended the race strong.
Even managed to win my age group. (Shhhh don't tell anyone that there were only 5 of us racing.) But because this is a series they don't care if you win now. You have to get the highest number of points. Ugh. Dang it. So I may have to race again in March.

Lori and I doing some super awesome runner pose at the finish line. Don't ask.
She was my pacer and beat me by a solid minute so next time I will have to try and keep up with her.


  1. Sucks that it was changed to a road race, but congrats on taking the top poduim spot in your age group

  2. Bummer about the race not being done on trails, but nice job! Also bummer that they don't give out at least something to the age group winner, even if it is a series competition.

    And yea, we did do the exact same things in Melbourne lol. That place is epic. Hope I can go back again for the Aussie Open, I'm already realizing that it is likely the best grand slam out of the 4 (and I've only been to Aussie and Wimbledon so far)

  3. Good Job! I hope you get to run more trail races :)