A little bit of this a little bit of that

I'll pretend my weekend started with working out... but it didn't. It really started with my going out dancing and drinking wine with a bunch of ladies I work out with. The next morning two of us worked out... not really my best idea. I was exhausted. But look at how fantastic this view is! I work out there and see that lovely beach. There are some gnarly stairs that we run most days. Luckily for me Saturday was not one of those days.

Despite the fact that swimming is the shortest part of a triathlon I seem to find myself in the pool more than on the bike. But that is all going to change soon (maybe) I got a fitting for a triathlon bike so in the next month or so you should see a picture of me with a new bike. It will be a grand picture I promise you that. Until then here are my goggle eyes. Sexy I know.


Sunday night dinner win. Gluten free vegan pizza from zpizza. Yes please.

I've got a little 5k run Thanksgiving morning. Anyone else doing any Turkey Trots?

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