forever dooding sillyness.


  1. I love these. And I'm glad to see that someone else keeps their fruit stickers!
    I'm allergic to oranges but I have a bunch of Cuties stickers all over my sketchbook.

  2. Oh no! Allergic to oranges. I don't think I know anyone that is allergic to oranges. At least you can have Cuties!

  3. aha, I know! My friends make fun of me for it all of the time. And I absolutely love oranges!

    I actually don't eat the Cuties. I just like to steal the stickers off of cuties and off of other people's Cuties..
    Well, it's not really stealing if they get thrown away usually anyway though, right? :)

  4. Ok that makes more sense. I was wondering how one is allergic to oranges but not cuties. And totally not stealing in my book!