ride the wave.

The first sketchbook page is kinda perfect for this post because I bought a brown hat and a denim jacket today. Looked for some cool brown cowboy boots but I didn't have any luck. Maybe next time.

I think I watch TV shows in waves. Tidal waves to be exact. I watch season after season. Then that's it. I am done with the how whether or not it's on the air. Currently I am watching Mad Men before it was South Park. Other past favs: Weeds and Arrested Development

I am starting to see summer slip away oh so sad. I feel like I didn't go to the beach enough. I kinda replaced beach trips with hikes so I call that a fair swap. Either way nature wins.

.... and back to more Mad Men and homemade banana pumpkin bread...


  1. woo nature! I'm a bit bummed that summer is ending too. But fall and winter is a beautiful time as well.

    The cowboy picture is pretty rad. The pattern on the side is awesome. I like it a lot :)

  2. kinda creepy...lol, but interesting.

    love, rach.

  3. Isobelle - Yeah I do enjoy the colder weather as well. But maybe that's because it doesn't even get that cold in Southern California. haha. The colors in fall are to die for though.

    hahah thanks Rach