I've got great big plans.

I feel like I have been kinda lagging on my blogging recently. I think it's because I have been staying away from the computer after work. But I had to do a boatload of scanning so I thought I would upload some of the good shots on here. It is finally summer in Southern California. Super hot weather, amazing friends, long beach days on the weekend, early morning weekend hikes, farmers market. Come on... could it get any better. Today I am making some sun tea, gathering my camera and book and meeting some friends at the beach.

-Reading: quite a lot. Currently: Island by Aldous Huxley
-Listening: a lot of old Modest Mouse
-Baking: Vegan cranberry scone, Giant pizzookie for the 4th.
-Doing: hiking, beach, taking random photos
-Working on: New film zine

All photos from red scale film. No photoshop "magic". Freaken real deal son.

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