Serious adventures this past weekend. Friday night I went with and saw Best Coast and Wavves. Got some good dancing in with all the all age smiling moshing kids.

Saturday I went to the LA Art Fair and on a rad night photo shoot below the Hollywood sign. In all of my years living in southern California, that is actually the closest I have ever been to the sign. Yeah I know right?! Then we had some gelato. Legit.

Sunday I went to my first meditation class. So when they tell you it's really hard you first time don't underestimate that statement. I was mentally draining. Also I wasn't physically able to sit on the floor in the upright position for the whole time due to the fact that I have grandma hips and I strained a muscle in my back. It's ok though they have chairs for people like me. I definitely want to go back and work on it. Then the usual stuff... farmers market and some art projects.

Doodle on my friends!

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