I need your help.

Dear Blogging Friends,

So I need your help. I just bought a ticket to Melbourne, Australia that leaves this Saturday (1/29/11). Yes that is like 3 days away. I am meeting a couple really good friends from the United States there. I've never been to Melbourne before much less Australia so I am hoping you all can give me some suggestions and do and don'ts. Like places to see and eat at and tours not to miss. Anything really is helpful.

Thanks a million gazillion!



  1. I know absolutely diddly-squat about Australia, since I've never left the country. Well, except for Canada, but I lived close so it's like it barely counted.

    However, I was wondering... you got your passport and everything, right? Because that's awfully soon, and I'd imagine it takes a while to get all that stuff in order.

    Seems like a silly question, but I was half curious and half concerned.

    Oh, how rude of me, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Sabrina, and I find your blog to be very aesthetically pleasing, thus why I subscribed :]

    Have an amazing time in Australia! I just Googled "travel tips Australia" and got this site: http://www.austtravel.com.au/australian_travel.htm

    Hope it helps a little bit! There are tons of other listings too, so I'd dig through those a bit.

  2. Hey yeah the first thing I checked was passport. As soon as I saw that was ok I was trying to decide where to go.

    It is a pleasure to meet you Sabrina. Glad you like my blog.

    Thanks for the link I will go through that tonight and tomorrow. I hope to bring back some really cool pictures to show everyone.

  3. Coooool! I just moved to Sydney, never been to Melbourne but I hear they have markets with heaps of cool stuff , you might dig that , and they have trams sorta SF style, have fun in Oz!