Another Holiday Deal...

...But this is not your average big corporation 10% deaI. Have 2 new shirt designs fresh off the press. I figured what better way to release them than in a package. So below is what is included in the package for $25.

Included in the package:
1 - t-shirt (you pick either the blue or teal design and let me know what size)
2 - Zines*
1 - Hand printed narwhal wood block print

1 - Ceramic Hedgehog

*Zine Choices: Thrive 1,2,3 or 4, Pardon Me But What Pickup Line Works Best for You, Over a Billion People Have Been Killed by Marmots
. If you have no preference I can just choose two for you.


  1. Those tees are sick. Shame I got no monies! Hand-printed by yourself? :)

  2. Glad you like them. Yeah I hand-printed each shirt.

  3. Yessir! Man I miss printing. Keep eet up.