When I was a kid I think I spent more time on the soccer field than at school. My parents drove all over California and other states taking me to tournaments. My mom offered to have a blanket of all my tournament win shirts made into a blanket when I decided that I wasn't going to play after high school. Like 5 years later I finally went through all my shirts and put the blanket together. I just got it in the mail! It's super rad.

I went to San Juan Capistrano, CA with my mom yesterday to wander around the cute shops and have lunch. I got my portrait drawn for free and I bought this antique bedside table. I have been searching for "this" table for months, so I am quite excited to show it off.

Lastly I have a painting in this show. A few friends and I went to the opening last night. If you go look for the bright colored volcano.

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