1. FYF Fest in LA. Super freaken' rad. Totally diggin' these performances: Thee Oh Sees, Vetiver, Titus Andronicus, Man Man, Delorean, and the end of Abe Vigoda. Saw some others but those were my favorites. I took a bunch of photos on my film camera so once those get developed this week I will scan some in. I am trying to take more photos in general. But in particular I am trying to work on the angles and perspective just to mix them up a bit.

2. Sunday my parents and I headed to the Del Mar Racetracks to have breakfast and watch the horses practice/warm-up. My mom is from Kentucky so we have always watched the Kentucky Derby and been into that sort of thing. That would explain why I am interested in horses and focused my painting final on studying color and movement through horses. Then we headed to Balboa Park to wander around the lovely grounds and see the Henri de Toulouse Lautrec exhibit.

3. Since I had no work today I enjoyed it by painting a little, going to a BBQ, "cleaning" my room (only to make it messy tonight with art projects) and I went shopping for new pants. I also got another piercing in my ear. It was actually quite random and spontaneous. I decided I wanted to do it for no reason in particular the night before. And bam...done. Recently I have been doing more stuff on a whim and it has been working out quite well.

4. The zines are from Quimby's in Chicago. I spent quite a lot o money there. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven't. Also if one of those zines happens to be yours let me know!

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