the kids outside are playing tag. I want to play.

Art Swaps:
James. I kinda feel like he read my mind before sending me this package. For example my friend and I were just taking about face paint and how we wished we had some. His little "hello" card was super swell and the cd hasn't left my cd player. Also I have two more mini sketchbook to draw in while I read spiderman. He is cool so check out his flickr.

Connor. I am madly in love with this guys art. If I could I would have him paint a super big canvas of a wall in my room. His zines are kickass. Check out his flickr!

Discovery Science Center:
It's a little kids hands on science museum. Logically I wanted to go. We played with smoke, took myspace-like photos and looked at dinosaurs.

My sister bought me a button maker at Michaels as an early birthday gift. So I have been making buttons off the wazoo. I put some on ETSY. If you want to do an art trade swap thingy I will most likely be including a button.

Coming Soon:
Video from June/July coming end of July.
Film pictures from Arizona.
New screen print designs.
Thrive 5????

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