THRIVE 4!!!!

I just put the final touches on Thrive 4 last night. Below are some photos. I have copies ready to sell and trade. You can buy it out here if you'd like.

My parents had their 25th Anniversary party/Kentucky Derby/Cinco de Mayo party. It was totally awesome and I had a fantastic time bartending with my friend Kiki. Today I am going to farmers market and the art/craft festival in San Clemente. If these clouds clear up I think the beach will be added to my days plans.

I got this amazing package of mail yesterday from Tim Lamb. So totally awesome!!!!!!!

Check his stuff out

Seriously this movie looks beyond amazing. I am just going to buy it ASAP. Rick McCrank is one of my favorites in case you didn't know.

Machotaildrop - Trailer from friendlyfire on Vimeo.