backyards skillz.

First off my dad is awesome. He fixed my computer so it doesn't hang up so often. We went to the Doheny Blues Festival last weekend. I will load some photos from that as soon as I get the film back this weekend. (Spoiler: It was awesome!)

I made some blank photo book journal things. I usually just send them to friends, but I thought I would post some on ETSY. So check it out if you are interested.

I can wait for this weekend. Friends are coming to town and adventures are going to happen! Saturday I am teaching a kite flying class at the Ecology Center. I was test flying the kite today.... it's going to be awesome! Plus in case you didn't know Element Skateboards was sponsoring the event. Kites + Element + The Ecology Center = Hellllssssss yes!


  1. such a good idea for the photos. coz i have so many photos that i don't know what to do with them! lately i've been stuffin them into letters.

  2. Yeah I usually send some to people, but this is fun because it' super cheap to do and makes for a great notebook