so much to do...

Thought I would do a little blog update. I have almost finished up a freelance project. I am doing a brochure for a realtor that is flower themed. Just waiting on printing specs. I am also working on a branding project for someone. That's a bit more difficult and still in the planning stages.

I just bought a new bathing suit for the season. I am going to be rocking the 50s style one piece with a hat. I realize it's a bit gutsy especially because I am in Orange County and people aren't really open to changes like that. But I bought it, so I am rocking it. This is obviously not me below for many reasons, but that's the look. Classy.

I hoped to get some bleach tie-dying on shirts done today so I can screenprint on them this week, but that's not looking promising. Perhaps after work on Tuesday I will get the dying done so I can print them on Thursday.

  • I bought 2 more bird books so I have been doing some bird watercolors recently.
  • I am going to be teaching a kite making and flying class in May that is partnered with Element Skateboards at The Ecology Center. More details on that soon.
  • Let the countdown to Coachella begin!

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