Guess where I was last weekend...

I danced like crazy to King Khan and the Shrines.

Walked around barefoot.
Had an amazing time with my lovely amiga Aileen.

She wears cool hats.

Fell in love all over again with Zooey.

Successful weekend.

In the future I will get my film shots up here, perhaps some more digital and there is going to be a video...

Top of the top: Aileen
Tops: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, King Khan and the Shrines, Jay-Z
Awesomes: Zine making, the bead braid in my hair courtesy of Aileen, delicious veggie food, free things, people watching, not getting sunburned
Not so tops, but still good/interesting: Onesies? (aka jumpers apparently), bands that don't perform (some of the bands need to take notes from the tops), doing 20 push ups in a bet that girls can't do more than 5 and not getting the tent

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