busy as a beaver (not a bee).

I got out of work in time to go hang out with the Boys and Girls club kids at the Ecology Center on Friday. They painted signs for the garden. Kids say the darnest things that's for sure. One little boy told me that kids at school tell him he is a chick magnet. He said "I don't know why but they say I am". It was pretty funny.

I made this bag a little while ago. I first drew out all the bird then photoshopped them into a pattern which screen printed on some fabric. Then finally I sewed it into this mini bag. I am pretty proud of myself.

Tonight I made some cranberry biscotti for my dad to have with his coffee in the morning and a ginger tofu & veggie stir fry for dinner. Delicious.

I dropped off a bunch of zines at the Hibbleton Gallery. So if you happen to be in Fullerton go check it out. It is an awesome little gallery and everyone there is super nice. Also I ran out of business cards so I made a big pile of new ones. I updated my ETSY with some new items. I have some more things in the planning stages right now. As soon as I get more time I will get them made.

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