So I could stay the tallest man in your eyes, babe

I survived dead week. I am walking away with just a sniffle.
One morning while walking home around 3am I mistook a garbage dumpster for a person. I may start wearing those glasses more oh and sleeping.
I made up on the lack of sleep the last 2 days. I discovered if I use my sleeping bag as a blanket in addition to my blankets I won't get even close to cold.
I bought sandals the other day. It's winter I know. But they are super cute.
I am graduating in less than a week.
Sicky-sicky-gnar-gnar as Ryan and Pat would say.
Currently diggin': The Tallest Man on Earth

Art Projects:
Realize Skateboard Zine Issue 2 should be printed tomorrow.
Finished my typography poster and book. I think I can pick those up on Thursday so I will take some photos and get those up on here and my flickr.

The concept was showing energy, motion and muscle strength through use of color, stroke and texture. It is kinda hard to see that in photos, but I did the best I could for the blog here. Best viewed large.

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