oh the places you'll go...

I finished my last final at Cal Poly. Kinda a weird feeling being "done". Although I am already enrolled in classes at the community college so the classes continue. I have been slacking on the updates, but this one is a biggy so get some popcorn.

I finished both of my paintings last week and had my final critique last night. It went well I think I can't wait to continue exploring my current theme. Oh and I don't take normal picture very well.

I think a month or so ago I mentioned that I was asked to design the Fall Commencement book for graduation. That was quite the honor. I snagged a copy early. It is really hard to photograph at home with a point-and-shoot, but the doodles around the word are printed in metallic silver ink. Some sweet day I will get a better camera and lighting equipment. Until then...

On top of this whole graduation thing, we have been working hard on Realize. Very hard. People are super hyped and we are already planning for an issue 3 release in February.

and how could I resist posting this photo. These are my lovely parents that made it all possible and helped me so much along the way.

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