when are you too old for window seats?

I am leaving tomorrow for Kentucky and Arizona to spend time with family until the 14th. So most likely there will not be any posts unless I can somehow get internet in the Bluegrass State.

I will have lots of great stuff to upload when I get back. I am finishing illustration and type design for Cal Poly's Events and Activities Guide for Fall 2009 tonight. I can't wait to show you when they get printed!

I am also working on a skateboard zine with a few people and artists for San Luis Obispo County which should be done by the end of the month. I will be working on this in the evenings while I am on my trip. I will post pictures up here when it is done and make it available on my ETSY.

Lastly I am working on some illustration for a show in San Luis Obispo called Townies. Check out some images from the filming at the link below.


As you can tell I have plenty to work on while I am on the plane/ late at at while on vacation.
I really don't like sleeping so this works out.

Here are a few things before I go...


  1. and what about to ask why artist don't want to have a design on their pages?
    rather to care about the content and to keep the layout as invisible as possible? not to define one self by the package

  2. I would rather get a box in the mail with stickers on it than one that is plain, but that is just me.

    There are ways you can make small adjustments and add something to set you apart from the rest of those artist websites and still keep it invisible looking. Even if its just a different arrangement of the navigation.